Longitudinal Analytics
of Web Archive Data

Wimmut Suite

When searching, browsing and analyzing linked entities, the Wimmut Suite guides by a visual overview of the objects and their neighborhood. LAWA technologies are deployed to provide solutions to information explosion problems caused by temporally changing areas containing nodes with very large degree and fast exploding ``small world'' neighborhood. The LAWA VWO goals involve yet another twist over temporal Web information retrieval where a single query may have millions of fluctuating results. In this analogy, our solution is based on definitions and algorithms for quality and relevance of nodes and subgraphs.

Wimmut - Static Wikipedia V 1.0

Our graphical browser aids the user in discovering information along with its relations. Web or Wikipedia hyperlinks constitute one type of relationship that, when visualized, provides insight to the connection of terms or documents. For a search query, we obtain a collection of both relevant and closely connected documents. For a selected document, the application shows the neighborhood in the context of the query. It is crucial to keep a relatively large amount of information about each node persistently available on the user screen. In this sense our application differs from typical graph visualization: our screen will typically contain a few tens of nodes, each represented by a fairly large box with 1-5 lines of a few word text: title, category and snippet.

To use, download the Java application that connects to the SZTAKI server. Also read the short user guide (pdf).

Development over this element of the Wimmut Suite is closed; the next release will integrate temporal aspects and will appear as Wimmut - Temporal Wikipedia V 0.2.